TNF 100 Primer

Last year (2008) TNF 100 was announce sometime May or April. Wasn’t able to join this event because of lack of training and dahil busy na rin sa kung saan man ako busy ng mga oras na yun (hahahaha). I used to join adventure race before that’s why I wanted to join the event not because I love running (like what i am now).

BTW, I was introduced in running when I was in grade school. I was picked to compete in an Inter-School competition pero sprint cya 100m-400m lang. Now, after I joined the Happy Ran last January felt the running back into my blood again. Registered in and found that there will be another TNF1oo this coming October 3, 2009 @ Singapore. I told my running friend to join the relay he replied “wag dun ang lau tpos mahal pa, wait na lang tau magkakaroon din nyan ulit d2”, i have no choice. Then after a couple of weeks February I think he emailed me “Pat e2 n un hinihintay mo” plus the link of the TNF 1oo Phils. The moment I got that email I trained hard for the race.


Got my new Nike Lunar Lite, (Thanks Mira) started training TTH and race day on Sundays. My hardest training was during Holy Friday 21k Pasay to Cavite then after 30 hrs (12am Sunday) we (me, glenn, rodel) ran 50k and my recent wall hiting run of 12k under a scorching heat (11am-12:22pm) wherein I almost collapse. Good thing I was able to read my body condition. This things was made possible by TNF 100 (hahahahah).

Now, May 11, 2009 12 days before TNF 1oo the excitement builds up and challenges are poping out here and there. Almost 3 months of training is at stake, can’t imagine if i will not see the Finish word at the end of my TNF100 race though I know i have to accept the acronym DNF for whatever reasons.

Last word I can say is “ILL DO MY BEST TO FINISH THE RACE”


4 Responses to “TNF 100 Primer”

  1. hi pat! wow, goodluck sa marathon mo! you’re such an adventurous person. tma yan pra physically fit lagi. hehe!

  2. Ultrapat!

    “Finishing,” for you, will be an understatement. Hahabol pa kayo sa run Baguio sa 24th di ba? Hehehe! 🙂 Good luck!!! At sana umulan (kaysa sobrang init). We’ll have the noisy boys do a rain dance!

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