Hitting the Wall Big Time!!!

May 11 2009 after a 3-day trip to Coron and missing the Botak 42k marathon. Got up early (around 7.30am) feeling bad mood for what ever reason it was. I need to shake that off, i texted my TL and ask if could still file a VL at the same day cause im eyeing to run Luneta-Tagaytay route and that was around 9am. I talked to some of my friends you know who you are (wag maingay) and told them my plan they were saying “adik ka ba”, I replied “prep for TNF100 stimulation of afternun run”. It takes a while to sink in, I’m doing a suicide running 56k that will start 11am. Finally made a decision to just run my normal 15k routine instead.

Got my final good lucks and Choco Mucho and drink the half of Vitwater. 11am sharp in front of the globe in MOA started running my grueling run. 1km mark need to rehydrate cause my body is telling me to do so (this is not normal for me), after that I made a decision that for every 500meters ill take a sip of water. Running along Macapagal from Edsa to Buendia 11.20am is a hell, around 4km mark my extra 160ml drink is gone i have to rely on my hydration belt from then on. Turned left to Film Center in CCP some portions are shaded but im trying to avoid them to stimulate the TNF’s afternoon condtion. 6km mark left turn heading to Luneta grandstand, fronting the Raja Solayman park(tama ba) around 7km i checked my time 40mins knowing it will be a 15k Slow Short Distance. My mind is focused not in the run but how am I going to shake of the bad mood I have. Infront of KM 0 my body start telling me “hoy mainit ah d mo b feel”, turn left again heading the Luneta grandstand 9++km of my run. Man, that stretch in front of Luneta grandstand is like running in the desert no shades at all. exited luneta but not before I grab a bottled water not to drink but to pour into my blazing body. 11km mark started to fade away but still have some gas this portion was in front of US embassy. I keep on pouring water on my body to keep it cool. Then 12km in front of the Raja Solayman Park felt dizzy and my body tell me to walk and give it up.

I aborted my run and walk to CCP for a cooldown. while im walking I felt like im going to collapse quickly ride a cab on the way home. At home, turned all the fans on and sat in front. as I rest i felt dizzy and feeling that anytime I’ll gonna fade away. A friend told me to get a rest and things i should do followed the advice and good thing everything is good. but not at all while im still writing this im still feeling dizzy.

Now I know what it feels like to HIT THE WALL!!!

Thanks Pojie…


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